Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Zippy's special misson

Zippy is my very best friend and field companion.  She is now 28 years old so Mum decided that it was the right time to retire her.  So when I was turned away Zippy had her shoes taken off too and is supposed to be living a life of relaxation and luxurious pampering.

Except she was asked to go on a very special mission.  Mum's niece came to stay for the day and she loves Zippy, so Zippy was tasked with the very important an special mission of taking Ellie for a ride up and down the road.

This included a lot of eye spy, mostly pigs, sheep and other ponies - that was the human version, Zippy was playing eye spy grass, more grass and oh yes more grass!  She managed to sneak plenty of opportunities to try the grass too.

The mission was a complete success, Ellie loved her ride and Zippy loved taking her out, and liked being asked to pull out of retirement for the mission.  I think she's secretly hoping there will be more mission, little light people are good fun especially if it comes with a side of grass!