Sunday, 2 November 2014


I have been so busy doing things recently I haven't had time to tell you about the most fabulous day I had with Anna pony at Rabson Manor Cross Country Course.

When we started it was driving rain - yuck!  Fortunately the sun came out but it did mean the photos are a bit fuzzy. 

Jumping the ditch was so much fun I had to put in a good buck afterwards to show Mum how excited I was. That generated big squeals from Mum and lots of laughter from Trish and Alison. 

The photo below is my favourite. Mum and I had so much fun. Sadly for me Anna is now pregnant so she isn't allowed to come out and play for a while. However I know she is very excited to be a Mum, so my very best pony wishes to my cross country companion. We both love zooming down the steps, hope we can do that again once your baby is born Anna. Good luck xxx

Lots of Le Trec Fun

I seem to spend my life these days going out and about in the box on wheels. Today I got to go back to H&B Equestrian in Dalingworth - where I camped out with lots of Highland ponies, earlier this year. 

Today I teamed up with Iona pony to make the black and white native pony team to practice some fun Le Trec moves. We started with the S bend, the picture below was of us trying to do it at Highland pony camp, as we were too focused to take pictures today. 

We had fun cantering down the canter tube, before we moved to more challenging obstacles like the clover leaf. We started in trot and then both Iona and I upped the ante and managed the complex circling manoeuvres in canter. 

Then the tricky tarpaulin river, this needed some consideration and normally I make Mum walk over first but as she was on top I had to brave and face the monsters and get Mum over safely, yeah we did it, think the monsters must have gone on holiday, so I was soon happily walking over this. Then the biggest challenge of the day, walking the wooden bridge. It took two attempts but then I was happy to put all four feet on and walk over and over and over and over again. Mum was very impressed with me and I got lots of hugs. 

We then did Mums favourite obstacle the bending cones, first in walk, then trot and then canter. They were a bit trickier than at camp as they were a bit closer together, but we still managed to canter all the way through. Mounting and dismounting is fine and then I amazed Mum with the circle standing test. 

I'm a bit of a fidget pants so expectations were low. Mum put up my stirrups and knotted my reins and then left me to stand still in the circle, I had to stand still for a whole 10 seconds and not leave the circle while Mum had to stand outside the circle. I did it. Not once but twice, that impressed Mum. 

The last challenge was the trickest the snake test. Iona's Mum got hold of the circle rope and it started to move like a snake - scarey!  But after a while we were playing chase the snake, stamp on the snake and finally eat and wear the snake. Then Mum held one end of the snake while Carolne held the other and we went around in pointless circles - I do wonder about these humans sometimes!

Iona is very very good at all the exercises and if I'm not sure I just need to watch her, she's a pro. This was Iona trying to persuade me to follow at Highland camp, I only managed two feet that day. 

We took Benji dog as Mum wanted Benji to meet Benji. It turns out Caroline's Benji is identical to our Benji just a bit smaller. They are both crazy and spent the whole time running around like looneys playing chase with each other. I think they are now bestest friends.  Benji loved it, but he's a bit tired now. 

I hope I can go play some more soon. 

Last day in Dartmoor

I woke up on Tuesday to sunshine so we got to have one last ride over Dartmoor, and I even got to meet some of the ponies that must have escaped being rounded up yesterday. 

We headed up the fern covered tracks this time with Em in front (well until she decided to be scared at a big long line of horses with their riders going in the opposite direction, then I had to take the lead. Oh yes and I had to take the lead when we went past a luminous yellow coat man - but other than that she stayed in front). 

You can just see Benji hiding behind Em and Izzy in the photograph below. He was actually the person in the lead most of the time. 

We could see views of the River Dart, looks a long way down!

What wonderful views hey. I'm lucky Mum likes to take me out and about. Benji and I love exploring with new friends. 

Izzy, Em and Benji are exploring the quarry on our way home. 

Bye bye Dartmoor, I hope I can come back and visit again next year. Thank you to Strider and Em for loaning me a very yummy couple of acres to munch on. And to Izzy and her Nan, Janet for looking after me and to Cathy for looking after Benji and Mum. See you all again soon xxx