Sunday, 29 September 2013

007 goes solo

Well pony friends my day has been amazing.

I got a chance to check out the spy cam up close & personal today - on my own!  Mum packed me up in the can on wheels. I've decided I like the spy cam, Benji says it means Mum can keep a watchful eye on me, which when I am in the can on my own, I quite like the idea of.

I've been in several small trips on my own but today I went to a show all on my own. Zippy was left in the back garden. I decided I had better try and be all grown up. It was quite stressful, I got quite hot travelling to the show but we had plenty of time so I got a chance to cool down in the breeze.

It was very exciting and I couldn't help prancing around a bit, after my success last weekend I was keen to do well again but the wind and atmosphere meant I was quite uptight.  A lovely lady told Mum where to go while we did the circles, she said it was hard to concentrate on controlling me & remembering where to go. I started to get it half way round and started to relax & listen to Mum. There were some very impressive horses around, mum says it was tough competition.  I did two tests and came 7th & 9th.  Evidently I got two 8's in my second test which Mum was thrilled with, I don't think I have had an 8 so far, so to get two was brilliant.

I happily went back in the can and was pleased to see Zippy but still unloaded like a seasoned veteran. Loads of brownie points in the bag, can't wait to find out where I am going next.

Zippy enjoyed her day off and was pleased she didn't have to escort me, but was equally pleased to see me when I got back.

What a great day x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Clip, clip, clippers

Well I just don't know what came over Mum this morning she dragged Zippy & I out of the field and up to the house stables.  Then for no obvious reason at all she started rubbing me down with a noisey machine.  I didn't mind it felt quite relaxing.  Then I started to loose my hair.  My hair must be really allergic to the machine it just kept falling out, Mum seemed please with this, heavens knows why.  I just stood there bemused while she and Georgie happily took chunks out of my winter coat.

Humans aren't very bright are they? I mean any sensible pony will tell you it's starting to get cold at night, so we go into super growing hair mode to keep us toasty warm through the winter and then the silly human chops it all off!  

Ok maybe not all of it, just under my tummy and a streamlined stripe up my neck - well it's the first time I have ever had to go faster stripes, can't wait to test them out.  I have never been clipped before Mum was super impressed with my behaviour I stood very still and let her lift my front legs up and they even clipped my tickly bit under my belly.  Mum says I have passed my clipping exams with flying colours she could never have believed I could have been so good for my first ever clip.  More brownie points!

Being black the clip doesn't show very well, but I think they did quite a tidy job.

Then to top it me all off my mane and tail got a shampoo, I mean really!  Though the herbal shampoo smelt nice and I think mum is hoping it will help stop me itching.  My not amused soggy pony look, I wonder what it is all in aid of?

After that I had to practice circles in the back paddock before going for a relaxing stretch and walk with Zippy down the road.

It was all worth it, we have been put into the back garden paddock, there is a lot of yummy grass to eat, so I had best go and get on with munching, yummy.

P.s. My tummy is a bit cold!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dressage Pony in the Making

Ohhhh I've been out celebrating this week and working hard too, which his why my blog is soooo far behind.  Why have I been celebrating?

Well after my walk of shame at the SWPA championships I've been determined to make up for my misdemeanours.  Last Saturday I got my chance. After a very quick spit and polish Zippy & I were loaded up into our spy can on wheels and taken to Foxham Horse Show. We kept driving around in circles, I can't be sure but I'm fairly certain Mum got lost!

Anyway we arrived and as quick as a flash I was all tacked up and Mum hopped aboard and we headed off to ring 8 which had big rectangles of white boards in.  I was a bit jumpy warming up with lots of horses going by, but I had little chance to concentrate on all of that with Mum asking me to stop then go, then stop again. I was getting dizzy turning right and then turning left, but it did mean I started to relax.

Soon it was my turn, this was it, I had to be good, really good.  So I tried really hard listening to Mum as we went around the ring performing the pony club D walk and trot dressage test.  I had to stop 3 times each time I stood square and didn't move till Mum told me to, which for a pony who gets ants in his pants was very impressive I thought.  No sooner had we started then the test was over, Mum seemed very pleased and Aunty Georgie thought I had done very well.

However I wasn't allowed back to the trailer instead we spent ages and ages wandering around the rings watching ponies dashing over jumps, running around in circles and I was even made to watch the crazy Shetland ponies charging around the ring thinking they were racehorses even I know that's silly!   I watched bemused, rested my leg and generally chilled out carrying Mum around the show-ground, I have no idea why she couldn't walk herself.  Still it seemed to please her that I just stood still and took all the sights in without leaping around like a looney (me! No you must be mistaken I never leap around like a stallion!)

Finally I was allowed to hang out with Zippy at the back of the can on wheels while Mum kept dashing back and forwards to the secretary's tent.  Then Georgie dashed off with her and Zippy, Benji & I were left on our own.  Charming I thought but Zippy said it was the ultimate in compliments that the humans thought we would behave good enough to leave us - though I did keep seeing Georgie's head poke through the hedge!!!!

Then all of a sudden I was being patted to death, hugged and had my photo taken!

I had come first in my section & 2nd overall in a class of 17 ponies and horses. I had redeemed myself yipheeee!

The downside to this is I have been in training all week............I'm getting dizzy with all the circles, where will it end, sending me round the bend I think!

Top secret 007 pony action to report in next blog - not all good news!!!!!!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Web Trickery

We went out for a lovely bouncy ride this morning. Zippy was feeling a lot happier about life, probably something to do with us going out on a fresh new paddock of grass yesterday (yummy) and us having the wind up our tails!

Plus she is on new medication & Mum can't decide if it is or isn't working, or is working so well Zippy has been charging around the field doing herself a mischief! We are not telling & letting Mum do all the guess work!

After a fun ride Mum and Tony were seen playing with the car & trailer. It all looked very suspicious so we sent Benji dog over to take a look.

Benji says they have installed a spy camera in the box on wheels and Mum can now spy on Zippy & I while we are moving. I think this is Zippy's fault every time I turn to talk to her she squeals, I think Mum thinks I'm beating her up, I'm not honest!

Will need to check this out in more detail when we are next in there.... will report back in due course pony friends, so I can warn you of any potential dangers, should one arrive in you box on wheels!

Spy pony, spying on spy camera, signing off, over and out x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Big day of.........shame!

Well as promised Mum was up early to bath me and wrapped me up in a fleecy blanket to dry.  So that was all good.  Zippy & loaded up fine and travelled into Wales no problem.

Mum checked out the layout of the place and got our number and found our arena, ready for later.

The classes were going quiet quickly so Mum decided we better have a final brush and then head up to the warm up arena.  Well those Welsh ponies took their time, we were hanging around for ages.  

Finally it was our turn to go in, I was ready, bouncing on my toes, and looking handsome.  There were eleven in the class and Mum had already noted that everyone was getting a rosette.  As my mission was to bring home a rosette, surely it was job done.

I marched around the big arena, spooked at a couple of things but was doing good. I stood quietly in line waiting for our trot up around the arena.  Finally my turn off we went looking very smart but I had a couple of huge leaps around the arena, between these I did do some very smart trot work.

Back to the queue and then walking around us heavy dales and fells seemed to fall to the bottom of the line. The last few of us were brought in, in any order, so Mum strategically put me on the end.

It was all getting too much, I couldn't stand still and the horses in the next arena kept charging me, which scared me so I had to leap around bigger and bigger.

Ummmm, then the steward came over to us and asked us to leave, opps! My guaranteed rosette was no more, I had to take the walk of shame out of the arena.

Still upset by being charged from behind I was plunging around, when Mum shouted at me to stop behaving like a stallion - the lady next to us said 'Oh I thought he was a stallion'.  What more can I say!

In my defence I'm only four and I haven't done that many shows and it is REALLY scary when horses you can't see canter behind you.  

I think I might have blown my chances as a show pony, Mum is muttering about dressage, she says there is a lot less hanging around and it's more fun.  Ok Mum I'll try anything.

p.s. sorry I didn't bring home a championship rosette Mum, but I do still love you xxx

Saturday, 7 September 2013

It's my big day tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be a big day, Mum has been busy working but while she was travelling to and from Wales to collect a scanner, she still managed to find time to clean my lucky bridle and even polish the buckles - this was Mum half way through with her before & after shot, wow I'm going to sparkle tomorrow!

It must be important as Zippy & I have been brought up to the house this evening in the dark. We don't mind it means we can feast on the yummy back garden grass.  I haven't had my usual shampoo & set yet, I hope Mum hasn't forgotten my bath while she has been busy polishing & buffing my tack and her boots etc.

So where am I going? I'm off to the South West Pony Association Championships at the David Broome centre in Gwent - amazing hey considering its my first year showing.  I've qualified for the In-Hand Mountain & Moorland championships. I'm going up against other Dales ponies, Fell ponies and Highlands too.  They will all be four years plus so I will be one of the youngest in my class.  I'm not too sure how many other ponies will be at the competition because we haven't seen any of those breeds at any of our qualifying shows (I managed to qualify twice for the same class!!!!!!) well other then me of course!

Well I had better get my head down eat some more grass and then rest, no doubt Mum will be up early to make sure I'm on top form.  I hope I can bring a rosette home to make Mum proud.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A bucking good time

Zippy and I had another great adventure today, this time without Benji. Mum decided he was best left at home just in case our ride involved a sheep field, as it turned out it didn't & he could have come with us.

Today we went for a 7 mile ride around Barbury Castle, that's a long way.  It was good fun. Zippy picked her way along the stones tracks - she doesn't have back shoes on like me.  I spent a lot of time going for a wee, I had soooo many stops Mum lost count!

The best bit by far was going home along this huge big field (race track). Zippy might be 26 years old but I can tell
you she still has a turn of speed my little legs can't keep up with!

Mum said if I spent less time being excited & bucking I would go forwards faster, she was a bit perturbed when I managed bucking, head down & galloping at the same time - ok it might not if been galloping but it was really fast!

Gosh I'm so lucky to have so many great adventures. Zippy & I were starving by the time we got in the box on wheels and tucked into our hay, so much so we didn't want to come out when we got home!!!!!

Still the rattle of the tea buckets persuaded us, need some rest now x