Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My first show

Woody here, having a Mum is great fun.  Mum took me to my first show on Sunday. She entered me into showing classes - BORING! I did the young stock and Mum says I was perfectly well behaved and stood still very well, unlike my fidget pants brother. 

However I didn't really see the point in trotting, so I didn't. Mum says that's why I came last. I didn't care (and I know Mum wasn't really too bothered either, I was being so well behaved in all other aspects).  I got to speak to the ambulance men and lady in their spooky green tent, walked past some noises generators and watch the big flag flapping in the breeze. 

Then I spotted all the showjumping classes, now I wanted a go at that. So we went to watch and the nice lady in the clear round showjumping ring let me have a go.  I brightened up no end and leapt round the course (they could have put the jumps higher but Mum had to jump them too, so I thought they were best left low for her).  I won my first ever rosette, Mums in absolutely no doubt now that I'm definitely going to be a showjumper. 

I have to say a big thank you to Aunty Lynda, as she spotted another horse going around in hand and suggested I have a go, but even better she managed to capture it on video but you will get a crick in your neck because I can only watch it sideways https://youtu.be/JSxkDZrJbPc but I did manage to extract some photos

I was supposed to do the in hand large M&M class but I couldn't be bothered. Mum could tell I loved the showjumping and she didn't have the heart to drag me around the show ring again. There was a very handsome dapple grey dales gelding I chatted to, and he liked showing, so he was happy to represent our breed, there were a lot in the class - too boring. 

Mum is still laughing and said only I, at 1 year old, could come home with a showjumping rosette.  So my young pony friends you are never to young to decide on your dream and there is always a way to show you human want you are good at. 

No idea where Mum is this week, she's disappeared again!

Happy munching, Woody xxxx