Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Had a breakthrough....

Well actually Zippy and I have managed two breakthroughs!  Straight through our fencing to the paddocks that were 'resting'.  It has lots of yummy grass in it.  Zippy and I have managed daily escapes into the two resting paddocks, all week, so we have very full tummies.  Dave was being a goody two shoes though and decided it was too dangerous and so stayed in the wet muddy field - silly boy.  Considering he has been breaking down all the other fencing in break out attempts you'd think he would have joined us???

We even managed to make Mum smile, even though we were being naughty - which I think is quiet clever.  Every afternoon when she arrived to take Zippy home, she called us and we came galloping across the fields, jumping the broken fencing.  Mum was particularly impressed with Zippy's speed, she was soooo fast she didn't even have time to get her phone out to record the action, which for a 28 year old horse is pretty impressive.  Dave and I hope we are still that fast when we are that old!

Sadly our adventures have come to an end, the fencing has been repaired and now is tricky, ouchy stuff again - humph!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Field Report

I have been moaning to Mum about the amount of water we have in our field and that we might have to take up swimming lessons.  She told me not to be so silly and that there were ponies much worse off than me, who really needed swimming lessons and that a few very small streams through the field were nothing to worry about.  This was our field at its wettest, we are quite lucky it is ridge and furrow so we just stand on the ridge bits, plus we have a big bank which Mum is standing on to take this picture so if we really get fed up we can stand up there on that.

So for all those poor ponies out there who are really swimming, sorry for being so silly.  Dave and I are now working on a sunshine dance to see if we can help improve the weather for you all.  As you can see in the picture below we just about made the sun shine before it started to set behind the hills.  We will keep trying - we think its working because the sun is out again at the moment!!!!

We have quite a boring routine at the moment.  Dave and I wait at the gate for Zippy to arrive in the morning and neigh to say hello when we can hear her coming down the road.  We then all go off to tuck into the hay Mum gives us.  Then we stand at the gate waiting for Mum to come back and take Zippy away to her bedroom for the night and then she also gives Dave and I our hay rations for tea time - which we eat straight away!  This is us standing at the gate waiting for Mum to arrive.  As you can see I decided not to grow my clip back, Mum thinks I'm mad but I don't see the point, my tummy fluff is keeping me warm and I am hoping it will soon be spring.  Ahhhh yes spring - lots of yummy green grass to eat.

 Hoping all my pony swimming friends are managing to keep safe and warm and have found somewhere dry to shelter out of the rain.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Errrrr we look like girls now!

Being turned away is very boring, so I am glad Mum arranged for Dave to stay, otherwise I would be REALLY bored.  Sunday we were all dragged onto the yard at the field (Note: I am no longer good enough to be allowed down to the proper house yard, where my lovely warm stable resides!)

Anyway Dave and I got attacked with a cold hose, but fortunately only our tails.  Mum washed all the mud off and then spent ages carefully combing out our tails applying various lotions and potions until we were tangle free.  This is Dave's tail below - errrr don't tell ANYONE but Mum sinned and chopped some of his tail off - I know, can't believe it, with scissors in a straight line too!  Her excuse was it was trailing two inches into the mud it was so long - well it's not now - sorry Dave!
This is me, not a great picture, I'll blame Mum for that but at least my tail is now fluffy rather than mud wrapped rasta style!

But then would you believe it, Mum decided to plait our tails!!!!  I mean Mum we are NOT girls.  I know Dave can be a bit of a wuss but even he didn't deserve to have his tail plaited - yuck.

Life is very boring here at the moment, that has been the excitement of the whole week  Otherwise we are just eating hay and chilling.  Oh yes Dave got to go for a walk down the farm track, I hope Mum is not getting ideas, has she forgotten I am the love of her life.  Dave will be in trouble if he starts muscling in on my Mum.  Hmmm I think I had better keep a close eye on them both!