Thursday, 31 January 2013

Taking Red Rum's and Shergar's advice...

Well Mum is getting on quite well and is walking nearly normally, but she's not allowed to walk too far, so Zippy is still carrying her to and from the field. She's also looking a bit thinner, Zippy reckons she's weighing about 2 stone less now, so doesn't mind carrying her quite as much as before - though I know secretly she prefers to carry Michelle - who is super light!

Well as Mum has had a bit of a tough time with her fetlock, we decided she should go on a short break to the seaside, as we understand that's where sick people go and Red Rum and Shergar swear by the salt water to heal poorly legs. So this weekend we have booked her and Uncle Tony on a break to Poole. We had to send Uncle Tony too because we know without him telling her off, she would go doing too much frolicking in the sea and long coastal walks and then she would come back more poorly then she went. It's our only hope of keeping her under control!

Now this has led Zippy and I into great debate as to who should look after us. Zippy wants Michelle to, because then she's hoping to be able to go out on a ride too. Personally I don't think that's fair because I know I'll get left in the field by myself. We also wanted to make sure it was someone qualified enough that we would be allowed down to the big field each day and not stuck back in the mud pit garden. We both agreed on this.

In the end a compromise has been put in place. Mum has given Michelle an evenings training on looking after us, but is to be supported by Mum's Dad, who is a big softy but kind of knows what's what and Aunty Mary & Uncle Keith, who do know what's what!

So all in all I think we are quite well provided for over the weekend only time well tell.......

Jamaican Roots

I think it's very important to explore your roots and experiment with your own personal style and identity.

This week I have been testing out my Jamaican Roots, I have been working this through by developing a traditional Jamaican hairstyle, letting my beautiful long locks become tangled into a Rastafarian dread lock style. Now I think it looks pretty cool's taken all week to develop a complete designer section to my mane.

I was reckoning on a couple more weeks and I'd have become a fully paid up Jamaican pony, man! This would mean I could then sneak past immigration and get to enjoy some Jamaican sunshine - I can't see how else I'm going to feel the sun in my back, at the moment! Extreme I know the plan was working perfectly but......

Mum had other ideas!

Tonight she took a super big mane comb, industrial size Mane and Tail spray bottle AND the bottle of pig oil and attacked with vigour all my hard work. Humphfff.

I'm back to looking like a Dales pony, but with a bit of a kinky mane - the pig oil will have straightened that out by the morning, so I need a new plan......maybe some Californian Waves?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Mum's back riding (just)

Whahoooo Mum's back riding well just and it's kind of desperation that drove her there. Now all the snow has melted we really do have a quagmire for a field and she just couldn't bear to turn us out in it (phew) but she also knew her fetlock couldn't cope with walking two fabulously behaved horses to the big field either.

Now personally I believe I have earned my stripes and should be the pony to carry Mum to the field, but Mum was explaining to me that she needs to ride bareback so her feet are not stirrups and evidently I'm not quite qualified enough for this yet. Especially when I'm compared against Zippy's CV - I mean with over 20 years experience under her hooves I can't really compete!

So Zippy is getting the honour of Mum riding her down to the field (please note she's not so well behaved that Mum feels she has to put her Pelham bridle on - evidently the brakes don't work too well, never have from the stories I have heard). So I am led down next to Zippy.

The first day was sooo exciting when we arrived and were let loose I had to do my kangaroo impression around the field. Today it wasn't so good with the horrible wet rain and my rug was definitely too big for me, so Mum has promised to go shopping for some more tomorrow.

Mum hobbles slowly home each morning but gets a lift down in the evening and we get our own personal car escort back to the house - makes us feel all posh and special. Things are definitely starting to return back to normal so hopefully it won't be long before our new adventures will start.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Likit's to be renamed Biteit's

I'm so loving our Christmas present of the boredom breaker Likit's but evidently I have failed to understand the basic concept of Likit's. Zippy has been trying to explain to me that you are supposed to Lick it. Do you know how hard that is when it keeps swinging around?

But being a clever Dales pony I have applied some thought to this frustrating process and have devised a much more cunning plan that makes it easier to eat! With careful positioning of teeth you can actually bite it. Ok it is a bit tricky and if you bite it too hard it does all fall down - which actually then makes it very easy to eat even if it does get covered in straw!

But even if its hanging up, you can use your teeth to hold onto the top of the Likit you can keep it still and then use your bottom teeth to scrap chunks out - yum yum.

Once I've finished mine I'm starting on Zippys!

Bit of a boring week

Well after the stress of Shogun being fatally injured, everything has been very quiet. We have had the usual routine of getting up, hay and water thrown at us, mostly because Mum has been out working - can you believe we were woken up at 5.30am on Friday morning, we were both a bit bleary eyed. Mum arrived in a whirl and disappeared before we could blink.

The only other exciting thing was Alan the straw man arriving to deliver more straw, as we are now enjoying properly made beds, Mum needed more bales. Needless to say I had to oversea the delivery.

This meant counting the bales in to make sure we got all the bales we ordered - all present and correct. Then because of the Shogun incident I did feel I needed to give the lorry a once over to check it was road worthy, all seemed in good order and it managed to drive in and out of the slushy snowy drive with no problems.

As you can see while I was busy overseeing this important delivery, Benji was not being his usual helpful self. Normally he would have been running around tripping everyone up and trying to convince me I had counted 18 even when I knew I had counted 20. But NO he was fast asleep under Mum's work desk. I mean what's that all about?

Note to self must talk to Mum about cable management before Benji dies of strangulation and I die of fright. Why? I caught my rug on the electric fencing gate pulled backwards it all came away and chased me around the yard, scaring me and Zippy! Fortunately Mum rescued me, she was very calm and was not at all scared by the running rope, and unattached me and then murdered it and put it in the bin. Phew! It was a bit tatty, we have a nice new piece now.

Well off to run around in the mud and enjoy the sunshine today - heaven, so love blue skies, hope Mum can ride me soon.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Should have gone by pony!

Hmmm well while Zippy and I have been safely tucked up inside our stables at night and left to roam our snowy fields during the day, Mum has been busy working to keep us in pony nuts and hay. She whizzed down this morning with Uncle Tony to let us out and feed us. Note to self rations seem to be getting smaller - suspicion is currently placed with Zippy as her waistline has definitely been getting bigger - yes your bum is starting to look big in that rug!

Anyway I digress, Mum thought she would do her good deed for the day and drop Uncle Tony off at work as his car was in the garage and it was snowy and she has her lovely 4x4. Ohhhh I bet she wishes they had ridden us ponies. Uncle Tony was safely delivered to work and Mum was only half a mile from home very carefully driving along the tricky icy single track lane when WHAM! A very stupid BMW driver who was using the lane as a 'shortcut' because he was running late, drove round the corner far to fast and hit her car square on the nose!

Now its sitting all poorly in the drive awaiting an insurance man to come collect it - we know all of this because Benji was in the car and Mum says we've got to keep an eye on him in case he has whiplash! I'm keeping a close eye on the whips but they have been put up high, so not too sure if they are supposed to be lashed down or whether we should be lashing Benji with them - but that doesn't seem very fair to Benji - does it?

Wonder whether this means we could get a brand spanking new horse lorry as a replacement?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

No Mum this morning

Zippy and I were very sad to not see Mum this morning, we've been loving her smiley face and welcome, it's such a lovely start to the day.

Instead we had to watch out - Uncle Tony arrived on a mission, when he's in this mode we've learnt to be careful as he's fully focused on the job in hand and has no time for play.

It turns out Mum has been quarantined indoors with her poorly fetlock. Tony was muttering under his breathe things like 'I told her so', and 'if only she would listen', and 'I knew she would over do it'. From what I could make out Mum has been a bit zealous in looking after us and this has been compounded by the difficulty in walking in deep snow and her fetlock is a bit swollen and achy so has been instructed (I think Uncle Tony had to tie her up and lock all the doors) to stay indoors.

I hope she's feeling better soon.

What I don't understand is why Uncle Tony won't play with me like he does Benji, and I'm just left to watch. I could rear much higher then Benji can, well I'm off to play in the snow with Zippy instead, more icicle hair styles I'm thinking...

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow lights

Wow woke up snug as a bug in my stable watching the snow falling down. The downside to Mum being better is we are getting woken up much earlier, 6.30am this morning!

We were turned out for breakfast within 5 minutes I had snow lights in my mane and it didn't cost a penny! Mum spends a fortune getting high lights put in her hair, goodness knows why when she can stand in the snow and get a much better look for free.

She thinks Zippy and I are crazy because she put fresh hay in our bedrooms and left the doors open so we could be snug in our rooms, but NO, it's SNOWING that's too exciting we had to be out getting covered in snow, eating hay off the yard. It was snowing quite hard Zippy and I were hoping to turn into snow ponies, not sure we quite managed it but we both did our best.

Didn't spend any time in the stables today, spent it digging for grass - but all we found was mud. We did some rolling, Zippy looked like she had been dragged through a bush backwards by the time she had finished and her icicle hair had got all tangled up - Mum had to comb it all out tonight.

We've been tucked up again tonight all safe and sound after Uncle Tony cleaned our stables and tucked us in while Mum gave us our tea. Wonder if we can make pony snow angels in the snow tomorrow?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Repaired just in time

I have to say Mum is not doing too badly - she's a bit slow - ok she's VERY slow at the moment. It took her an hour to muck out half of Zippy's stable this morning. In the end she had to come down again in the evening and spent another two hours sorting it out. I must say it does look very lovely but she was too exhausted to do mine properly, so I have to wait until tomorrow for the same star treatment.

To make it up to me she stood and combed my mane with spray and pig oil - it's gleaming now, evidently with all the frost she thought it might stay shiny for a while. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

It's so exciting we have gone all posh again, hay in haynets instead of on the floor, water buckets cleaned out everyday even when the green snake has got so cold it doesn't want to spit any more. The downside to this is Mum collecting water from her bathroom, which with a repairing poorly fetlock is quiet impressive. She has swapped her rolling chair for a rolling barrow to move the containers around in - but it's got a flat tyre - maybe she should go get the rolling chair back, it looked ideal for this job. Just glad Mum is back in time to manoeuvre all the water for us!

I'm not sure about our latest treat though, breakfast and dinner have had desert included - carrot lolly pops! Oh well, personally I think these would be better in the summer, but they must have been in special out of season offer as we are getting loads! Muleteers please take note, like you we are fed proper pony food!

More apples please....

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Smoothie you can't drink

Blogging is great and reading friends blogs is even better. For a three year old Dales I feel I have already travelled the world and made friends across the UK and Internationally. I know that's quite a big claim for a little pony from Sussex, who has lived in Wales and now resides in Wiltshire. But I do have an International following - there's Camryn ( a lovely Halfinger mare who lives in Ohio among my USA and Canadian fan base, howdy there!

I also have readers in Sweden - Halla, France - Bounjour mon petite pony amie's, Poland - Czesc, in Russia with love, Lativa and Burma (I thought that was a cat not a country!)

It also turns out my old buddy Smoothie (no its not a drink) now lives in Germany, and has been following my antics, 'Guten tag Smoothie'. We grew up together, she is a whole year older than me, and as you can see from the picture has progressed from pulling rolling chairs and can now pull whole forests! I wonder whether Mum will let me loose with her Christmas tree next year????

I knew I had a fan base in Germany because my stats tell me so - well actually Zippy does that clever stuff, but you'd never believe my mate Dave (yes my young mates back in Wales) emailed to tell me it was Smoothie - I mean how did he know?

Think I need to chat to Zippy about this because I think we've been hacked!!!!

Mach's gut Smoothie, Bis bald!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mum's back - kind of

Whopheeee guess who arrived on the yard under her own steam this evening? Yes Mum is back, albeit on two slightly unsteady legs but no rolling chair and no extra legs. I never liked the extra legs they kept rearing up at me every time I tried to get in the carrot room.

Now I think this is good and we certainly enjoyed being changed into our pyjamas and being tucked up in bed by Mum. Though I think I might have to start behaving again and all those naughty little habits like nibbling people might have to stop because boy did I get told off!

Zippy was laughing her head off as she neighed at me....Mum's Back!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hey Zippy wait for me!

I am just the poshest pony out, Mum brought me a brand new outdoor rug (cheap in a sale) but I look the bees knees in it - it's black just like me with a little lime green trim, will post pictures when available. I was allowed to wear it last night for the first time, but only after Mum and Uncle Tony had taken scrapers to me. Mum thought she had lost me, all she could find was a 14.1hh walking mud statue! Eventually they uncovered me and got all the mud off the important bits so the rug wouldn't rub at all.

I was in the rug as we were given 24/7 stable field access last night, which meant we weren't going to see Mum very early this morning! I was very good and didn't test to fencing - a bit nervous about the ouch white rope now! Also didn't rip my rug :0)

Zippy was very excited when she saw her new human, Michelle, turning up today. She was given a big groom - while I was tied up in my old rope halter - evidently I'm not behaving well enough in my traditional halter (I find its really easy to push/pull on that halter & break the bailing twine) but if I put pressure on my rope halter it becomes uncomfortable, so pulling never seems like such a good idea in it!

I got a bit perturbed because Zippy got all tacked up and I couldn't see my tack anywhere and Mum wasn't really grooming me and Uncle Tony was attacking the yard like a demon possessed pulling up the drain covers a washing the whole yard - eerrrrrr guys what about me?

Then Michelle got on Zippy and off they went up the lane, hey guys wait for me! My calling was blatantly ignored by Zippy, who seemed to be enjoyed her escape from the mud wallow. I was let back out into the mud field and charged around bucking and kicking but to no avail, she left me behind! Mum sat on the yard in her rolling chair under two horse blankets trying to keep warm while keeping a beady eye on me.

It's hard work galloping through the mud so after just a couple of circuits I gave up and stood at the top of the field to wait for Zippy. She did come back, bringing Michelle safely home with her. She found a sparkling horse yard, and we were soon tucked up in our rugs again, with tea and plenty of hay and water. We are on yard arrest tonight because I had my legs and tail hosed down from all the mud - forgot I had white feet!

Well I've learnt the world doesn't end when Zippy leaves me, as she will come back, so no panicking required, dreaming of going on my own adventures, sleep well ponies xxxx

Friday, 11 January 2013

One sleeps till working human

Soooo excited it's only one sleeps until Mum (teehee its so cool to call Lynette that now) goes to the vet. After my fantastic care and snuffling I am hoping that the extra legs will be removed, the rolling chair will be assigned to the scrap heap and I will have my fully operational human back.

This has soooo many pluses. First and foremost she will be able to lead us EVERY day down to the BIG field with LOTS of grass in it - as we are getting rather bored of the mud and hay diet.

Secondly it will see an upgrade in our stable care - to be honest we have been tolerating very sub standard level of cleanliness - I know I should be gracious and grateful our stables have been cleaned at all, but no one quite makes our beds as nicely as our Mum does.

Thirdly I should finally be able to resume my education and start going on the great adventures I have only been able to dream about up until now, especially if thanks to Benji we may even have a school to ride in. Now that's a whole other story.....

Hmmmmm Mum and I are very excited about tomorrow but everyone else, including Zippy, says that she is unlikely to be able to do everything on day one, humph, think we are just going to ignore them all, can't wait to see her down the yard tomorrow evening, maybe I'll get a quick ride? Dreaming of all our new adventures starting tomorrow.......... I hope???????

Applying Muleteers Tips on Snuffling

One of my favourite bedtime reads is the goings on of what I now consider my three new mule friends, Dragon, Mini and Roller (read their blog at it's wise and hilarious).

Well I read with interest the benefits of snuffling with humans and shared this philosophy with my stable mate Zippy. We both agreed this was a great thing to try and have been putting it into practice. I have to say I have mastered the hat pulling off quite well, though sadly no photos of that. But we did manage to find some snuffling kissing photos we thought you'd like to see.

First of all I thought I'd show Zippy how it was done, then I thought I'd carry out a foot snuffle as this will obviously make all the difference when Lynette goes to the vet on Tuesday as I know have given it the kiss of betterness and I'm sure she will be up and walking soon.

Finally Zippy and I joined together in a family snuffle which definitely made Lynette laugh, thanks Muleteers, as ever I'm a fast learner and look forward to what you can teach me next!

I have a new mummy

Well like most stories there are two sides, all I know is transfer of ownership is pretty much complete, but it's more controversial as to who owns who though!

My mates Dave & Vince (see www.akehurst-dales apparently agree with me that I am now the full owner of one human Lynette, and her transfer papers are on the way. Evidently they say I am still a stallion, wow! and they think I should make sure she mentions that I have been gelded but I'm not so sure about that, I like the idea of being registered as a stallion - all the kudos without the work!

Dave & Vince think I'm very brave to buy an unsound human, they hope she passes vet next Tuesday. I wonder if I've brought her on sale or return? Mind you at least I have been able to test her out for the past few months, she seems ok so far!

Now Lynette has a very different view of the situation, she says I've been brought on H.P. (Horse Purchase) and as I have been soooo well behaved she has decided to keep me. In fact I know I have wooed her with my great looks and charms and she is totally in love me. Heeeheee little does she know as soon as the ink has dried on the Dales Society paperwork (not quite yet) I will turn into the devil incarnate himself!!!! Must just behave for a little longer still waiting for the registered parcel to arrive - Zippy and I keep fleecing the postman, but tend to only find dog treats in his pocket - no wonder Benji likes him so much - what's that all about?

Either way I have been very lucky to have Delia as my human birth Mum, she's looked after me since I was born and I have great memories of all the antics we've got up to together - definitely some stories to share on here for another day! Thank you for teaching me whats what in life's complicated tapestry, I know you have made me into the pony I have and will become. And now I have my human riding Mum, Lynette, to start a whole series of new grown up adventures.

Looking forward to the Spring and returning to Wales to show Dave, Vince and Delia what a clever boy I've become. Happy days xxxx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Opps not popular with Zippy

It is very very very very muddy at the moment. Our field is one beauticians mud pack, which don't get me wrong is great but I am getting fed up and really fancied some real grass, so as we were having 24/7 field stable access I thought it might be worth testing some of the perimeter fencing just in case I could escape to some greener grass.

I decided to wait until the cover of darkness to test out the ropes, dead easy with a bit of a push and then stepping over the rope on the floor I was free to roam the driveway and eat all the glorious grass. Now being a Dales I was super clever and as dawn arrived I sneaked back into my field, knowing no one would notice. Zippy is a goodie two shoes and wouldn't step over the rope - she said it would hurt me, but it didn't, she lost out!

Having snuck back into the field in time for breakfast I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Lynette noticed the fencing down and didn't say anything but got her Dad to put it back up teehee. This plan was working so well I decided to repeat it the next night, but I got a bit carried away eating and running around on the beautifully manicured back lawn, I forgot the time and got caught red handed! I was frogged marched back to the yard and we were kept under yard arrest for the whole day and night.

Uncle Tony arrived the next day and repaired the fencing (again) and this time Zippy and I were pushed out into the muddy back garden the yard gate closed behind us so we couldn't stand on the nice dry yard or in our stables. Zippy was not impressed she now has to spend the days fetlock deep in mud, why? It turns out the rope fencing now hurts ALOT! The rope across our yard gate means all my escape routes now electrocute me - Zippy says it serves me right.

Plus she said I made a fundamental mistake of pooing outside Lynette's office (twice) on my first nights escape and that leaving hundreds of footprints in both the front and back house lawns has not made me popular - I don't know why - I mean I cut the grass for free?

So we are now stabled at night but turned out into our bog during the day which means eating muddy hay, think I preferred it when we got access to our stables and plenty of dry hay on the yard. Wonder how I can make it up to Zippy?

Monday, 7 January 2013

A new vocation

It has been getting a little boring around here recently. Zippy and I have become very good at 'hanging out' around the stable yard for quite a few weeks now, so we were thrilled when tack appeared from the carrot room - albeit it had gone mouldy - whoops Lynette got a serious telling off from Uncle Tony about letting it get into such bad condition. But it was nothing a quick sponge down couldn't fix.

Zippy is very excited she has got her own new rider now, a lovely lady called Michelle, who Zippy says is as light as a feather so she hardly knows she is carrying anyone, so it doesn't hurt her old poorly legs. Zippy was so excited she cantered across the muddy patch to say hello when Michelle arrived.

We both got a super groom, I had been mud rolling but fortunately I had had the foresight to let it dry, so with some serous elbow grease Lynette had me looking reasonable from the knees up - even I didn't blame her for not attempting to wash the liquid mud off from below the knees.

All tacked up Zippy had Michelle on board and was raring to go. Errrr so what was the plan for me? I had all my tack no but my rider was still in her rolling chair wearing her riding hat. Uncle Tony had come down again to muck out - nice job Uncle xxxx

Well it all got a bit confusing the plan was to long rein me, but seriously how did they expect me to understand forward when I was trying to pull the rolling chair along with my bit!!!! Humans, honestly, I eventually got it through to them that every time they said go, they were pulling stop. Thank god they finally caught on and attached the long reins to my lunge bridle thingy and off we went.

It never occurred to me to spook at Lynette rolling along behind me up the road, mind you it was hard work pulling her up over the railway bridge, Uncle Tony helped take the strain and between us we managed to pull her to the top, mind you we as to watch our heels, she nearly came spinning past us at full pelt on the way down!

It's a quiet road normally accept for today (well Saturday actually I'm a bit behind on my blogging - Lynette pinched the iPad let it run out of battery and then lost it) today there was a local shoot on, at the other end of our single track road, so while I was busy pulling Lynette along we had to keep stopping for a steady stream of trucks and vehicles. Mind you it was funny when Lynette nearly fell in the ditch as she pulled off the road and the chair just kept rolling down the grassy bank to the ditch!

I have to say I'm liking the idea of becoming a driving pony, it may well become my new vocation. We met Uncle Keith and Aunty Mary on the road - they took the picture of Lynette behind me. Zippy wanted her picture on the blog to show off her new rider and we all liked the picture of us kissing Lynette at the end of the ride, so I've put that one on too.

I've never pulled anything before but it was great fun, hope we can do it again soon, off to dream of becoming a driving pony, wonder if Lynette will mind?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Soooo fat

Wow I think my tummy might explode! After several weeks of just being in the back paddock Zippy and I were given the best late Christmas present ever by Aunty Mary and Uncle Keith.

They arrived yesterday morning to take us down to the big field, yes the big field, where there is no mud and LOTS of grass. I don't think Zippy and I exchanged one word after we dragged Mary & Keith to the field. It was heads down and let serious eating commence, yummy.

We competed to see who could get the fattest, we both did well, I definitely made hippo status and Zippy being a little taller and more experienced managed Elephant size. What a fab day.

After many happy munching hours Mary and Keith arrived to take us back to the muddy hollow that is currently home, so we could both have a mud pack roll to finish the day off nicely.

Lynette and Uncle Tony arrived in the evening to feed and muck us out.  The stable doors have been left open this evening so I guess we won't be seeing Lynette any time early tomorrow morning then!  Time to put the hooves up and lie down for a sleep I think, dreaming of more grass days to come.

Playful frosty mornings

Dreaming of those sunny frosty mornings, memories......

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Me old mucker Lewis is back!

Well I never, we haven't seen Lewis for nearly two weeks, thought I'd scared him off, but evidently not. He was allowed to have holiday and spend time with his family and new puppy dog. We missed you Lewis - it's so lovely to be tucked up in clean stables again!!!

Zippy is pleased because it means she gets a few hours peace and quiet without me trying to pinch her hay. Not sure she is liking the Likit it though, it's quite tricky as it keeps swinging so she keeps hearing a thud as it bounces off a wall every time I try to lick it. So maybe not peace and quiet - just a bit of peace!

I have discovered what Lynette has been up to while she has been out in her rolling chair - there has been great debate among her many friends on the legality of parking their cars in disabled bays when they have been transporting her to and from social events over Christmas. Views have ranged from absolutely allowed to park there are they have a cripple in the car to no definitely can't because Lynette hasn't been issued with a blue badge certifying she is crippled.

Well Lynette took matters into her own hands or should I say wheels and was recently seen parking..........what more can I say?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What a wonderful start to the New Year

I don't think anyone could have planned any better weather to start 2013, finally a full day of glorious sunshine. Zippy and I had a relaxing morning eating hay.

Lynette turned up in the afternoon with her friend Tony to give us both a lovely groom, while Uncle Tony spent time sweeping our yard and mucking out our stables. Thank you Uncle Tony, it was good to have a professional do our stables (his Mum 68 years young has always had horses and trained him well).

It was lovely to spend some quality time with Lynette. I had my mane all combed out and a full body brush - hmmmm lovely. I was busy eating my tea while the picture was being taken, it was very yummy full of carrots - my favourite!  It also meant I stood still for Lynette so she could safely move around and groom me before I got itchy feet - to be fair I was enjoying the groom so much I stood still long after I had finished my tea.

Was a bit jealous because Zippy got her tail combed out as well as her mane - but then she isn't sporting a Dales tail and she didn't get an all over body brush, so I guess we are square.

For the first time this year we were also shut into our stables for the night - it's going I get cold for the first time in ages, so I was allowed to wear my cotton pyjamas (the pair I had already ripped - Lynette decided on closer inspection they were still wearable). So I should be nice and warm.  Zippy was wondering where Lynette was going with her lovely warm outdoor rug, buts its ok she got her lovely duvet pyjamas put on, so she is snugly warm tonight too.

Going to spend the evening working out the best way to eat my Likit! Happy New Year pony friends xxx