Sunday, 14 July 2013

A good day off

Heee heeee Zippy and I had a day off today but Mum brought some of friends down to say hello.  We were given our tea and then Mum gave me a good scratch...

Ohhh up a bit please....

Ohhh yes that's nice, just up a bit more....

Ohh that's it perfect, thanks Mum.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I haven't read the rules

Evidently Mum says I haven't read the rules about being 4 years old???

Zippy and I took Benji for a walk this evening and having not been ridden for over a week, I was what humans call 'fresh'.  Mum says most 4 year olds don't want to be in front when out with friends and prefer to stay behind their trusty friends - why?

I love being in front, you can see everything that's going on and you can show off about how brave you are (well unless its something really scary like massive new hay bales that weren't on the farm field last time we rode!)

So Mum decided I needed a lesson in going behind - humph! I was not impressed. Zippy goes so slow even at trot and canter, I don't understand why she's bigger than me.  So I did try to persuade Mum I was better in front. This involved several tactics - the throwing and shaking around of my head, nope that didn't work; the can I canter now, and now and now, that didn't work either. 

Time to deploy more serious tactics bucking and cow kicking (I can cow kick to an impressive height), that just got me a sore bum!  So in desperation I used the Ahhhhhh Benji has scared me tactic and launched a bucking diversion fit into a bush and low hanging branches - nope I was still made to go behind.

Pony and mule friends all suggestions welcome as to how I can persuade Mum I should be allowed to stay up front and not behind, I'm at a loss!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hello I am still alive

Well only just these horse flies are driving me nuts. Zippy and I are spending the day hiding in our lovely field shelter, only coming out after dark to eat - yes it's that bad I'm having to starve through the day by choice!!!!!!!

Mum has been missing AGAIN, her excuse this time has been tonsillitis, poor excuse if you ask me! Oh yes and too busy with work, yawn I'm really not interested.

Mind you I don't think mind too much, knowing my crazy human she would want to ride me in the heat of the day anyway, so a week or so resting has meant I can sunbathe and turn a browner shade of black!

It was good to see Mum has her priorities organised and the very first thing she did when she was better was to go and collect for Zippy & I 140 bales of hay off a local field and has stored them at the stables ready for winter consumption - yummy.  As long as it doesn't cause a relapse or some other excuse.

Well it's dark now and Zippy has sent me out to test the level of fly attack - it's ok Zippy we are safe - let's eat!!!!!!!!!