Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Brrrrrrrrr it's cold

Hello everyone, I've been so busy practicing my dancing I haven't had a chance to say hello for ages. I've been working hard and qualified for two British Dressage Petplan Area Championships.  Mum completely forgot where we were going at the first competition and we were lucky not to get eliminated. We did better at our second attempt but not quiet well enough to bring home a pretty rosette. 

I did cover myself in glory at the Great Britain Dressage Championships bringing home lots of pretty ribbons. I scared all the competition by winning the first warm up class, which was a great tactic, but sadly I couldn't maintain that relaxed energy level for the whole competition. I found it all a little overwhelming and just became too tired to bounce my way to another win, though I did come 6th in the freestyle to music, as well as managing two more 9th places in the other warm up classes. I now have my own championship rosette wall, so I'm going to work hard to see what other championships I can get to. Below are my rosettes from the Great Britain Dressage Championsips. 

As part of this plan for more Championship wins Mum has decided to give me a brrrrrrrr clip - I'm freezing cold now, the silly woman has cut all my hair off - errrrr Mum I can dance if I'm shivering. Thank goodness she did have enough respect to leave my legs and mane alone, for one minute I thought she was going to turn me into a fully hogged cob! (Sorry Zippy cobs are cool). This has been done on the recommendation of our dressage instructor, Becky. I have to say I'm not much of a fan of Becky, she's put me on a diet and now has got all my hair cut off, all so I go more forward. I'm going forward now straight into my stable and I'm going to demand a super thick duvet tonight and I'm not coming out till I'm warm - I fear though my wishes will not come true and I'm going to get some poor thin rug so I can shiver off the little weight I have left, at least I still look handsome at the moment. Are skin and bones a fashionable look? As I think that's what I'll be by the morning. Night, night from this pony block of ice, ohhhh hay yummy munching lots of this should help keep me warm.