Saturday, 31 January 2015

Missing in action, but a growing CV

Yes I am alive. Mum had stolen my iPad because her work computer had broken but I have finally managed to steal it back.  I have been doing loads since I last put hoof to keyboard. My CV has been growing dramatically, I am now a hunting pony, a prelim dressage pony and a show jumper. Oh yes I am also a qualified temporary reindeer, due to passing my jingle bell test.  It's so exciting I don't know where to start. 

Well at Christmas Mum decided that we needed to dress up as a snow man and do dressage to music, I wasn't even allowed to eat Mum's carrot nose afterwards! However I did pass my jingle bell test, if you look closely at my front feet I have bells attached and you can certainly hear them when you watch me prancing around (get it Prancing - Prancer watch out I'm after your job) I'm going to apply to help Santa this year and see if I can be the first ever Dales pony to become a proper reindeer. 

Here are links to both my walk trot and prelim dressage to music tests, I hope you like them, I still have the music going around my head even now.  I did enjoy it and I hope Mum will let me do some more musical dressage. 

Staying on the subject of dressage, some of you may remember I was also having difficulty with my right hand canter lead.  Well thanks to the lovely Polly Williamson (yes I have been having lessons with a top International Event Rider - who has retired from the sport to focus on teaching Mum to ride me properly, ok and maybe some other equine owners too) we have cracked right hand canter. It's easy peasey now, I can even strike off on the right leg doing a straight line down the field at Mums command. 

Unsurprisingly this has done wonders for our dressage marks and in my last outing my two classes were combined and I came first and second, not bad for a fluffy Dales pony. Though it's no wonder we are a rare breed when the dressage judge thought I was a cob - I couldn't have been more insulted and I can promise you Mum put him right in no uncertain terms!

Well I have lots more to tell you and I need to give you an update in all my pony friends at Akehurst Stud, as some of them are looking for their own humans and I have been promised a bag of carrots for everyone I help sell, and a pony can never have enough carrots! So I am off to do some more typing, bye for now pony friends.