Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dales does Capriole!

Well I had fun this weekend showing off to my owner some of my more sophiscated moves.  Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hooves.  I had had a very interesting morning lunging with scary red & white poles & blocks but by the end of the session I had got the hang of those.  So I only thought it fair as Lynette had made the morning session sooo interesting I could return the favour in the afternoon.

It was quite clear she was expecting another lunging session - boring!  So I thought to spice it up with some of the moves I've been studying online.  The Internet is a great source of inspiration so I tried out some of the more advanced moves normally seen by the Spanish Riding school, I think by the end of the session I had pretty much perfected my Capriole - much to the amusement & surprise of Lynette.

Unfortunately as Lynette was hanging onto the end of the lunge line at the time she was 
unable to capture my finest moves on camera. For those not in the know check out this link 

Just remember I'm a 14.1hh Dales pony so it looked far more impressive as I probably 
doubled my height.  Hindsight is a great thing but I'm hoping Lynette is getting any fancy 
ideas about my jumping ability, hmmmm better start planning my next moves. 

Signing off happy hacking xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dales are black for a reason....

I just dont't know where to start, Dales ponies have been bred for generations and we are so proud to be black - it's practical in so many ways, especially in the evening, it's a great camouflage, I become invisible.  This is good as predators, speeding cars and humans can't see me, so know one knows I am there.  So you can imagine my horror when I suddenly found myself sporting bright yellow stockings which are not only luminous but reflective!  I mean how can I stay invisible with all this gear on - oh by the way that includes an insulting yellow reflective tail band.

Well Dales read on....... I am developing an efficient method of removal.  It works like this, bare teeth grab a loose end of the leg wrap and pull, you'll find it comes off quite easily.  But don't stop there, I suggest dropping it in the muddiest patch you can find and trample on it, that way when your human puts it back on at least it is a lot less yellow.  This works well for the front legs, I'm still developing a technique for the back legs and tail bandage, when I have refined that process I'll let you know!

While I am on my ranting, in Wales we usually got up about 8.30-9am, very civilised, now I'm getting woken up at 6am, I mean what time is that! I am so bleary eyed, breakfast helps wake me up a bit, and it's great to go out to the field.  But it's this ridiculous hour in the morning that is why I am having to wear all this yellow gear!  Not only do I have to get up in the middle of the night and walk down the road in the dark but I have to come home home in the dark too!

Now if you are thinking what I thought that early starts and dark nights has the advantage on no exercise - forget it, Lynette has a floodlight back paddock! So at 7pm I find myself lunging or helping her practice with the pressure release halter, I ask you, it's hard work here, you have to earn your keep!  Got a night off tonight though, phew, rumour has it I'll get tomorrow off too, as Lynette is travelling around the country for work, need to find out how to order more work so I get more rest!  

Time to put my hooves up, will update you on luminous yellow leg removed soon!

Cyril xxxx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hello world

Wow, my first blog! I should introduce myself, I am a 3 year old Dales pony who has just moved to Royal Wootton Bassett from Wales! It's been quite daunting leaving my foal fan club (hi Dave & Vince) but I have swapped them for a lovely new friend, Zippy, who has decided I should be her new toy boy! I haven't had the heart to tell her I'm a gelding.  She is a 25 year old coloured cob, I think it's the onset of dementia, but I'm happy to humour her.

I have lots to learn about blogging and hope to be able to post some photo's soon. I have to blog in secret because my new Mum, Lynette, won't let me use her iPad, I have to pinch Zippy's laptop which she keeps hidden under her straw bed so Lynette doesn't find it.

Opps best go yard lights have just come on, need to hide laptop before I get found out, type again soon xxx