Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brrrrrr it's summer

Well I was pleased Mum turned up last night to put Zippy's & my rugs on - she's obviously cleverer then she looks. At the time we thought Mum had gone a bit crazy with all this blue sky and sunshine but brrrrrr did it get cold last night.

Still I got to try my new out, which fits a lot better than Zippy's cast offs, even if it is a bit bright!

Even more glad she turned up this morning to take it off, what a beautiful day, and after a hectic weekend of riding, it's been a brilliant day to have off, eat hay (grass still not quite up in the summer paddocks yet!) and relax.

Summer coat is coming through nicely so I will look super handsome for my visit back home to Wales this weekend. Yes Zippy & I are going on a road trip, can't wait to show off to the youngsters. Hopefully I will finally find out where all the grown ups go when they ride out - soooooo excited.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Big School Riding Lesson

Last week I had a very big day. Tuesday evening Mum loaded Zippy & I up into the trailer. It had been quite a while since I had been in the trailer, it's always so exciting, so I got a bit hot and sweaty by the time we arrived at Sarah's yard. Fortunately Mum had planned for this, so I had plenty of time to cool down, which was nice because it also meant a lot of extra grooming, so I looked super smart by the time it came to my lesson.

I was a bit awestruck, when we arrived this massive, very handsome bright bay horse was pouncing around looking very smart and posh - evidently practicing something called dressage, it all looked very fancy and unnecessary. However I liked the floaty action and need to try doing that, it looked kinda fun.

We were given the choice between the sand round pen - I had been in there at the end of last year when Mum was learning to ride me before her operation, or the BIG school. Mum insisted on the big school, go Mum, I mean I'm a big boy now and a proper riding horse so I should be allowed in the big school. It was huge, with other horses in the field next to it, bright colourful things around the edge (jumps????) and those mirror things that are in the sand house we used in the winter.

To be honest it was just a little bit spooky but I was super brave and other than one quick bolt to the other end I held it together really well. We started with walk which was easy, though I need to practice my right hand bend - I'm a bit stiff on that side. Then I was allowed to trot and finally I was asked to canter. I can do right hand canter lead quite well, but it took three attempts to get left canter lead but when I did whoopee I went all the way around the school, making the bottom bend and everything - Sarah was very impressed with my balance, but I mean it would be a very stupid pony who would fall over going around the bend!!!!

It's hard work this lesson thing and very tiring, but great fun, wonder when I can go back again? Need some sleep first though, nite, nite horsey friends xxx

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Into the storm

It was literally into the storm!

Our new shoes meant we have been allowed to go on even bigger adventures now. I enjoy these so much I bounce into the trailer first and Zippy follows behind.

Today we went somewhere totally new - up onto the ridgeway and around Barbury Castle Estate. The views were SO amazing I had to stop every so often to take it all in. I was particularly fascinated by the 4* cross country course - I fancy my chances around their one day.

But the weather! We left in glorious blue sunshine, the perfect Spring day! 3 miles into our ride the clouds darkened and we were attacked by killer hale stones - ouch doesn't do it, they were like frozen needles being hurled at us head on! I tried to show Mum that turning 180 degrees with my bottom to them was a much better idea - but being a crazy human she wanted to 'push on'!!!!!!!!!!

Still the sun did come out again but that last mile back to the trailer was hard work, both Zippy & I had lost our bounce by then. Mum says we did very well as the ride was about 6.5 miles. All I know was tea never tasted so good when I got home.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

I go clip clop

I am now officially a very professional riding pony. Today Shane the farrier came down to say hello. I was expecting my normal pedicure, but no I have been fitted with a very smart pair of front shoes.

Mum couldn't be with me because she had to do that work thing she keeps disappearing off for, so Aunty Georgie came down to keep an eye on me. I don't know why, because I wasn't going to let my Mum down and misbehave!

I know how worried Mum was, and as I so want to be a grown up pony, I put my bravest hoof forward and followed Zippy's lead and behaved like I had been shod a thousand times before - rather than my first time ever!

Zippy is sporting a matching pair of front shoes too, so we look very smart. Zippy is very pleased she has shoes again but is a bit disappointed she doesn't have a full set! At least the nasty little stones won't hurt her feet anymore.

I wonder whether this means I will be allowed on even bigger pony adventures now?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wow serious sunshine

Gosh I'm loving this weather - well I was until Mum turned up to take me out with Zippy. We are both quite fluffy still, but I now understand why Zippy likes her white bits. Being all black is hot work!

We had a fun hack and explored some new tracks and fields I haven't seen before, great views across the fields.

Zippy and I had a race along the grass verge and I overtook her I was doing a really good canter. I thought I had won so I slowed down and cheeky Zippy whipped past in the last few strides. Hmmmm I think that was cheating - just wait till next time!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

No more bedroom

What a shock to the system, Mum never appeared Sunday evening to come and collect us for bed. Since I have moved in with Zippy we have always been brought up the road and tucked into our nice cosy bedrooms.

We stood for ages at the gate on Sunday waiting for Mum to appear. I even shouted for her a couple of times. In the end Zippy suggested we make use of the outdoor bedroom in the field, so we spent the remainder of the night in there, and the next night, and the next night.

I hope my old bedroom is ok I haven't even been taken down to see it - we are being groomed and tacked up at the big field yard - maybe it's gone?

Still the new outdoor bedroom lends itself well to a game of hide and seek. Zippy rather spoils it because she is sooo white with a little black, so she's really easy to see. But I can still fox Mum as when she comes down to the field and looks for me, all she can see is Zippy. So I get worried shouts and then suddenly 'pop' out of nowhere I appear.

It's a big outdoor bedroom on the far side of the field and being black makes me the master of disguise as I can just disappear into the shadows, it's a great game.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Errrr what's going on?

Next time I'll keep my big mouth shut, it's the last time I complain about not being ridden (until next time)! Mum has taken revenge 3 rides, yes 3 rides, in 2 days. Yes pony friends that means I've been ridden twice in one day!

To make it worse my second ride on Sunday was the ride of death - both Dusty & Eric who live up the road (and I am related to Eric) were making a pretty good job of trying to kill me with their anti social behaviour and a great job of terrifying their riders! To set the scene I'm 3 1/2 years old, Eric is about 10ish and Dusty 20 years old. They were excited about going out having not been ridden for a couple of weeks and it was very windy, VERY windy. Well they set off in high spirits spinning and jogging, Dusty in particular was trying to take me out with various cunning manoeuvres, while I walked behind all calm and serene.

Mum and I kept well clear and in the end Mum very wisely decided to leave and go home before I got hurt, or my presence that was quite clearly upsetting Dusty caused an accident. He is obviously wildly jealous of my good looks and was not used to being shown up by a handsome well behaved youngster.

So we had a nice canter on our own through the farm field. Mum set off back afterwards just to check everyone else got home safely, which they had - phew!

Maybe it will be a rest day tomorrow?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Boring week

Mum kept promising me rides all week but they never happened, Zoe, I think the no excuses rule needs implementing over here!

Last weekend the back garden/paddock was harrowed flat and poles were put out. Now originally I wasn't keen, looked far too much like hard work, but having done nothing all week I would even happily settle for a trip round the garden.

Goodness knows what's happening today, Zippy & I are sure it's the first of the two lazy stay in bed days but Mum and Tony were up at 6.30am and we were chucked straight out no breakfast or anything - well ok maybe a bit of exaggeration we did get hay!

I also think I have mastered a fantastic new method to get to eat grass. I just kept stopping on our walk down to the field, kinds of holding up a poorly paw. In the end Mum got so fed up she left me eating grass on the side of the road while she put Zippy in our field. She came back and checked my foot (it was fine) and then I got dragged to the field. I was pleased to see Zippy as it was a bit scary being left in my own but I did manage to eat LOTS of grass.

Will try again tonight, off to much hay now!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Longest ride ever

Wow, just back from the longest adventure I have ever been on. Zippy & I have been exploring the local horse roads to see how muddy & rutty they are. Well I can report back that our explore of what is commonly known as the Cotmarsh ride is extreme conditions from stoney tracks (This meant Zippy saying ouch a lot as she like me has no shoes, but unlike me, who has never had shoes, she is used to wearing them and still hasn't adapted to the harsh stoney ground as well as she might) to very boggy gateways.

Back to the track conditions, most of the pathways are drying but there are those very dangerous one off super deep foot holes that without care you can fall down, so we had to pick our route wisely. We did find a couple of fields where the going was good and as we heading homewards we managed a couple of canters (no bucks but to be honest I was just too exhausted by then!)

Well when we finally dragged our little feet home the sun had set, all I could do was yawn, and yawn and yawn. Mum and Georgie took the hint and did a super speedy muck out, dishing up tea in record time, so Zippy & I could have an early night.

Going totally new places is great fun and very exciting but also very exhausting, hope we have a shorter ride next time.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Solo evening sunshine ride

Wow another beautiful day. Zippy & I had a very busy walk down to the field this morning it was more like the M4 then the familiar single track road we normally amble along. Everything met at the bridge, and we mean everything! Zippy, Tony, Benji, Mum and I squeezed into the left because a tractor was behind us pulling the biggest horse lorry you have ever seen.... When oh no two cars came over the bridge, I had no idea how we all squeezed past everything. We stood still, the two cars parked at our noses, so the tractor, lorry and white van man could go past, then the cars reversed so they could go past us and finally we could get on with our walk to the field. I was very brave and Mum was very impressed, I just wished they had all passed us where we could have stopped to eat grass instead of on the bridge, hey ho.

This evening Mum came and collected us and I thought we were going to have an early night but no Mum tacked me up for a ride. It was such a lovely sunny evening, off we set down the road. We passed the turning for the farm fields and I wanted to go in their but no Mum wanted me to go down the road.

I think this is because it means we had to go down the lane past the dairy farm. Last time I went down on my own Mum and I had a 10-15minute argument about going past. I didn't like the idea but Mum was quite insistent. Last time we did a lot of standing around and I got quite a sore bottom and eventually shuffled past very reluctantly. So this time I didn't really want another sore bottom so I went past only hesitating a couple of times, Mum was very impressed.

Last time I was allowed to turn around and go home quite quickly but this time with the weather being soooo nice we continued along the lane, past the crazy young horses who canter up and say hello. When we got to the net big house we turned around and on he way home there is a tiny strip of grass and we had a short canter (no bucking) Mum thought this was brilliant and I got loads of pats.

We passed lots of cars, cyclists, a herd of joggers and even Benji & lodger Dave coming back from a walk. I behaved brilliantly, who wouldn't on such a nice day, so I got treats AND carrots when we got home, plus lots of cuddles, happy days.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Sunday Ride

Wow what a beautiful day, the strange yellow thing that has been missing for soooooo long from the sky has appeared! Maybe it is the start of summertime!

So Zippy & I were very pleased to be let out without our rugs! Zippy was given an extra special groom to get out all her winter fluff by uncle Tony. She shed so much hair I turned white!!!!!!!

Needless to say after a good groom we both went in the back paddock and had a good roll, fortunately for Mum it was not too muddy so when we came in later on we weren't actually that muddy!

Zippy had a new rider, Tony's Mum (Georgie), she is very lightweight, so Zippy liked her and very experienced, so Zippy couldn't get away with doing anything naughty!

Georgie is mature like Zippy and hadn't ridden for quite a few months so it was decreed that we would ride around the farm - it was a beautiful day, so we thoroughly enjoyed walking & trotting around the farm. Once Zippy had warmed up she went jogging around and I worked hard to keep up. Which meant leaping a few ditches, which was good fun. I did put the odd buck in too but Mum didn't mind.

It was sooo nice even Benji settled down to a bit of sunbathing!

It was a lovely day we had so much fun, hope the sun stays shining, keeping my hooves crossed!