Sunday, 14 August 2016

Akehurst Ambrose Winning 'Dressage & Trec Pony'

I'm loving Native Pony Camp. With my huge stable and what seems to be an unlimited supply of hay - heaven. Well this morning I had a go at Inhand dressage as part of the Native Pony Trec competition. Mum had to learn where we were going and I had to behave. In the warm up I practiced trying to fly. I've been living next to an Andulsian Horse who has been explaining some exciting Spanish moves, so I thought I'd add them into the program, but Mum made it quite clear they were not required, which was a shame because I thought I was doing quite well. 

I had fun strutting my stuff and was very well behaved and listened to Mum.  I think my brother has some serious competition. I got 83% for my first ever dressage test - Cyril be scared, you have never got in the 80's!  I'm going to be awesome when Mum decides to ride me. Do you like my pointy toes?

From dressage we went straight into the Trec field. I managed to trot 3/4's of the trot track before I got too excited and just had to canter, so no points. On the way back I knew I had to walk quickly, I didn't think the judge would notice some small trots, but they did so I didn't get any points for my control of paces. Then the obstacle course. First the barrels, that was easy. 

Then my total favourite the showjump.  Come on Mum keep up. I jumped it clear on a long stride, super easy. 

Next the S bend. This is trickier than it looks we did it the best we ever have and I did try and listen to Mum but sometimes my feet have their own ideas and we did knock the poles a couple of times, but Mum was pleased with my effort. 

Bridge, what bridge? This was an easy 10 marks. I got a bit excited through the trot corridor and ended up cantering again. So Mum tried to calm me down by walking through the bending poles.  I was busy looking at my pony friends in the next field as this was very easy. 

All my pony play days and Trec clear round competitions have paid off and I didn't even notice the tarpaulin as I trotted along with Mum. We even managed synchronised legs!

Stationary for 10 seconds was a bit tricky because the grass was nicer outside the roped area, so I only managed to resist for 6 seconds, instead of the required 10. Hey I'm a Dales pony and trained to eat the best grass first. 

We then did rein back but this is easy and again I was more interested in what the ponies were doing in the next field. The next task was the low hanging branches.  I wasn't so sure about this and put on emergency brakes before Mum persuaded that it would be OK, so I decided to really duck, well it would be silly to have hit my head! 

The last obstacle was called the scary corner, which really isn't scary, people should come live at our house, with chickens, crazy dog, umbrellas, seaside windmill things to name just a few things we have to put up with every day. 

Well all my hard work paid off and I won the Inhand Trec Competiton. Just don't tell anyone I was the only entry. If anyone asks, I was against tough Competiton - well it's very hard to beat invisible opponents!  Mum was super proud, not bad for a two year old. Move over brother, I'm a Competiton winning pony too. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Akehurst Ambrose 'Show Pony'

Morning Mum, did you sleep well? I have been very well behaved, did you bring me more hay because I have eaten all mine? Thank goodness you have, yummy I can tuck in. Oh sorry was I supposed to have said I had missed you?

I got to see my brother Brian today, he came to camp.  Mum went to collect him from his home.  We have to be related because he likes his hay as much as I do. Brian is two years older than me, but I think I'm nearly as big as him, maybe?

Today was practicing at being a show pony. Mum gave me to Aunty Lois for my in hand lesson as Mum didn't want to let me down and Lois has done LOTS of showing. We had a master class from Matthew Lawrence, he's amazing, he takes lots of ponies to HOYS. I don't know what that is but everyone says it in hushed reverent tones, so I'm guessing it's pretty amazing. 

Mum introduced me to Matthew and said I wouldn't be a show pony because I am Section B, but Matthew says Section B Dales ponies have made it to HOYS. So I decided I had better go out and try and impress everyone and then maybe I could go to this magical place too. 

I was taught I have to be brave and stand in my own space, I'm not allowed to hide behind Mum. 

Yeah I think I got the hang of that. It was a very busy arena, there were three of us in hand and two other ponies being ridden around us too. 

This did get a bit exciting. 

But I got the hang of them running around and then I was foot perfect. 

I was soooo well behaved that Mum let me go into the Trec paddock afterwards and have a good munch on some very yummy grass. 

After that I was allowed to relax in my stable and eat more hay. Mum refreshed my hay net before she headed off for the evening. I like it here, lots to eat and fun things to do. Wonder if I could make it to HOYS?

Friday, 12 August 2016

My first night away from home

Cyril's been so busy this summer that I had given up hope of doing anything fun. But last minute Cyril tweaked his back carrying Mum sideways and Mum decided little 2 year old me could go to Native Pony Camp, instead of my big 7 year old brother. Yipheeee!

I soon discovered this camp must be serious stuff because I found myself having a full scale bath, just don't get the water in my eyes Mum. 

Then I knew it was REALLY serious when mum let me wear one of Cyril's rugs. I think it fits rather nicely, I wonder if I can keep it?

Needless to say I had to practice posing for the obligatory photographs.  I think I look all grown up, no one would ever guess I was only 2 years old. I think it hides my tummy quite well too. 

I can't remember the last time I was allowed out in the trailer on my own and left Cyril behind. I walked straight in of course, wow I have never seen so much hay, I'm going to love this journey! So I tucked into the yummy hay straight away, well there is no point letting it go to waste. Oh, should I have waited for my photo first? Mum's caught me mid munch, well I'm a Dales so nobody is going to worry about that. 

When we arrived Mum left me in the trailer quite happily munching on hay while she went to find out which was my bedroom. Wow it's massive I could hold my own pony party in this bedroom. 

I think Mum did quite a good job, reckon I've scrubbed up ok, though I might get her to give my white socks another wash tomorrow. 

No peace for the wicked though, there was me thinking camp was a pyjama party, lots of food and just chilling. Oh no, Mum marched us off to have a look at the Trec field. This is exciting, look lots of other ponies to look at, can I go say hello Mum?  I guess not, but I don't really understand what you want me to do with my feet and these wooden poles. Oh look yummy grass. Oh I can't eat that either. Gosh this could be hard work. 

Oh Mum, look, look, a show jump lets go jump that, come on hurry up, whophee, love jumping. Oh high heel kicks of excitement aren't allowed either. No wonder Cyril pulled a sicky, this could be quite difficult. Actually it's ok, the scary corner is sooooo not scary. Tarpaulin, what tarpaulin, oh the stuff blowing in the wind under my feet, next to the very yummy grass. Carpet check, log check, bending poles check, more yummy grass - what I'm STILL not allowed? Wooden bridge easy - oh look Mum it really does need weeding, surely I'm allowed to help with that?

Finally I'm allowed to eat some of the yummy grass while Mum chats to some of the humans - hurrah!  After quite a bit of munching on some top quality yummy grass, maybe this camp stuff might not be so bad after all, I head back to my bedroom for a rest. Well and to chew Mums favourite (expensive) gloves, opps might have left a few too many holes in them then!  Best get back to eating my hay. 

Oh are you going now Mum? What you are leaving me here on my own? Without you or Cyril? Oh ok then, I have my tea and plenty to watch. Night, night Mum, say hi to Cyril and I'll see you in the morning.