Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Anyone got a torch?

You know your Mum is serious about getting you fit when you need headlights to be able to see. I'm not joking it was pitch black when she turned up on the yard. She whisked Mel and Woody out into the field WITH HAY and left me in my stable. It was still dark even after she had mucked all three of our bedrooms out. 

Thank goodness she does have the sense to put my glow in the dark outfit on.  And Mum does wear her yellow glow in the dark rug too. So we are very visible but I still think I could do with a torch or even better A LOT MORE CARROTS - well they are supposed to help you see in the dark. 

So at silly o clock in the morning off we set for a 40 minute side saddle walking training session. I'm getting a bit bored of going up and down the road but when the other main option is going to play with the traffic I think I prefer to be bored walking up and down our lane. Benji was not allowed to come because he's black too and with Mum's bad shoulder and me carrying her sideways and it being dark it was just one risk too many. Still he gets to play in the field with a thousand tennis balls once I'm untacked and turned out with the others. So he doesn't mind really. 

I think if Mum wants me to go out again tomorrow morning I might have to go on strike until I get my carrot rations increased, so I can see better. Mel got lots of carrots yesterday for being good so I'm going to ask her what she did and see if I can get more carrots too. Mel?

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