Monday, 2 January 2017

Clipping good day

Brrrrr can I have my fur back Mum, I've spent all winter growing my beautiful big WARM fluffy coat. What's was the point when first thing this morning Mum came brandishing the clippers. Oh no. This was me before hand, all WARM in the sub zero morning temperatures.

This is me now, brrrrrrr. I've lost two stone in weight. You see I told you Mum I was not fat. To add insult to injury she then made me take a Benji and her for a brisk walk down the road - our fitness training supposedly. 

The only saving grace was it was not just me who had to undergo coat removal. Melrose had to have a go too as part of her 'education'. Mum made me go first so Melrose had plenty of time to watch Mum clipping me. To be honest it's very boring I tend to eat hay and fall asleep. Which meant when it was Melrose's go she just found it tickled a bit but once she got used to that she just followed my example and ate hay. Though I don't understand why she didn't get all her hair taken off. She just had what Mum called a Bib clip - think it looks silly myself, like she's had an accident. But humans hey they do have some funny ideas.

Can I have a go Cyril?  Hello, hello world, it's me, Melrose, I'm the latest addition to Lynette's (my new temporary Mum) Dales Family. I used to live in Wales and didn't do too much, just hung around eating and chatting. But now, well life is hectic, I now know why Cyril gets two months holiday a year, it's non stop busy busy busy here. 

Take today, we got up early and Mum shaved off some of my fur, she says humans like to do this.  I don't really understand humans, why do they want to shave off our fur in the winter, when it's cold?  I now have a go faster stripe, brrrrr. She did put a rug on me and Woody and I got to go out in the field while Cyril went power walking. Then it was my turn and I was loaded up onto the box on wheels, I love going in the box, it has hay and I always go on an adventure. Today I made a new friend Bumble the Racehorse (though to be honest I don't think he is very fast, I was easily out walking him). 

Below is me having been tacked up at Bumbles house, I just stood while Mum chatted away to me and got me all dressed. I was trying to hide behind the trailer as I'm a bit embarrassed by my missing hair. Anyway I met Bumble and we had a nice walk, a lot of cars and even a toy racing car flying around the corner on the pavement. Bumble and I just stood and watched it, funny thing but not scary.  We had a nice time and when we got back to Bumbles Mum untracked me and put me in the box on wheels to eat hay while she went in with the humans for a cup of tea. 

I did think about jumping up and down but decided to just look out and see what I could see and eat my hay, to be honest I was too tired from the walk to kick up too much fuss. The best thing was when I got home I was allowed in the back garden to eat GRASS. We don't have grass in our field so this is a real treat and I'm getting used to hanging out on my own, well I don't want to share the grass with the boys they eat so fast, it would all be gone.

Well I'm all tucked in my bedroom now, love munching the straw, it's very yummy, which makes Mum laugh. Night night boys, night night world, think I get a day off tomorrow, hurrah I'll need it after today's adventures.

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