Friday, 6 January 2017

Oh no Mum decided we had to play with the traffic

I hate it when Mum decides we have to go play with the traffic. I might be very experienced but as I'm just getting fit (which Mum considers the ideal time) to refresh my memory about playing with traffic. I don't enjoy this but I do get used to it. It's been several months since she last took me on the main road. I think she only did it because she thought the road was still closed for a gas leak - but oh no it was open, full of fast cars, juggernaut lorries, double decker buses.

I did have a little giggle to myself because her New Years resolution is energy with every ride, so I made sure I gave her plenty of energy! I know most of the ride I have a wide grass verge along a main A road but it's still quite scary when huge lorries go zooming past. So I practiced some piaffe and Mum practised shortening her reins and trying to relax, she was OK I suppose. It all got a little calmer when we got onto the housing estate, thank goodness.

Sadly no photos as Mum was clinging on for dear life, well I like to think so, she didn't manage many hand wave thank yous but she did go along like a nodding dog.

I suppose now we have done it once, it will probably become a weekly occurrence as it's a 40-60minute ride and fits in ideally with our training plan.  Hmmm need to think of some ideas of how I can get out of this?  Well now I'm tucked up in bed with my haynet I'm sure something will come to me. Any ideas very welcome.

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  1. In my home it's not me that bothers with the busy main road, I just ignore them all, it's my human who spooks. I just roll my eyes and carry on plodding along. Have a good laugh with the others when I get home.