Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The side saddle is back!

I can't believe it, I have only been back in work three days and already I'm being asked to go side saddle. To be honest I don't mind and I definitely think Mum was struggling more than me.  We only went out for 30 minutes but she kept having to give her leg a rest and sit astride. It was tempting to be naughty at this point but decided against it, well I would never live it down if I lost my rider, especially my Mum.

She does seem to be on a mission to make me walk out at a cracking pace, this is the third day in a row I have not been allowed to amble, though I was allowed a lot of stretches, which I need when I carry the side saddle, mostly because Mum still isn't perfect at sitting straight and balanced, which I guess is why she needs the practice. Though if the side saddle has come out this early in the training she must be serious about us competing this year.

I'm also mortally offended that she put ABS brakes in my mouth, like I'm going to take off with her - in her dreams, that's far too much effort. Evidently it 'looks' better for astride riding and like riding sideways Mum also needs to practice using two reins. Honestly what I have to put up with! Though on the plus side I did make a break for it when I got back to the yard and was allowed to eat GRASS, this is a very rare commodity so I savoured every minute, and focused very hard on eating as much as I could as quickly as possible. Mum I think I need to practice this some more, I'm sure I could eat even quicker given the chance.

Well I'm all tucked up in bed now, along with Mel and Woody.  Enjoying having my own haynet and no one to share it with, I'm sure I'll be back to chasing them off the hay feeder tomorrow morning in the field. Night night Dales friends.

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