Monday, 9 January 2017

I can canter

Mum took Cyril and Benji out again first thing this morning. So Woody and I go to eat the hay first, yummy. I thought I wouldn't be going out but Mum arrived at lunchtime to bring me in and wash my legs off. I was loaded into the box on wheels for a new adventure.

Today I arrived at East Solely Equestrian Centre and I got to have a go in the nice warm indoor dressage arena. There was another pony in their who copied everything I did, which I found a little distracting. I had a go at doing proper dressage, Mum had put me in Cyril's dressage bridle, so I looked very grown up.

I did walk and trot around the arena and then I did 20m circles and 10m half circles. Mum was pleased because it meant the steering was working even in my new bit. Mum then decided to ask me to go very fast, so I did my fastest trot ever, but she still seemed to want me to go even faster. I have never cantered with a human on my back before, it was quite difficult but I did just about managed it. Mum seemed to enjoy this and I got lots of pats. We had several goes at it, I couldn't do it straight away as I needed a run up but I did manage it every time eventually though Mum did need to give me a tap to encourage me to go that fast.

It was REALLY hard work and I got very hot and sweaty so the lovely lady at East Solely, Emma, walked me around while Mum put all my stuff away. She even did some video of my cantering, so now I'm a movie editor, I'm going to spend this evening making it into a proper movie before I show everyone.

This dressage stuff is hard work, all respect to my brother because he's very good at it. Might need to see if he will give me some tips.

I obviously did well as I have been allowed into the back garden for grass AND I've been given loads of apples and carrots.  Maybe this dressage stuff is ok if I'm going to keep getting this many pony sweets. Right I must go and concentrate on my cantering movie now.

Night night pony friends.

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