Sunday, 8 January 2017

Roll the cameras, and Action!

you get a lot of responsibility very quickly here. I've not been hacking very long and already I am now a movie director. Aunty Sarah came to visit. She was one of the humans to help Mum back me. She came to see how I was doing and as this meant there were two humans I got to hack out with my big brother, Cyril.

He's very clever as he can carry human sideways, Mum says I need to be a bit older and stronger before I can do that. So Aunty Sarah got to ride me and Mum rode Cyril as she was going sideways as I have Cyril's normal saddle. Cyril does walk fast so I did struggle a bit to keep up, but I managed. We went all the way to the end of the road, I've never been that far, it's always more interesting when I go out to new places, it's a bit boring just going to the same places.

Well at the end of the road Mum got off Cyril and got on me and Aunty Sarah got a chance to ride Cyril sideways, which she's never done before.  Cyril's very clever to carry people sideways. So while Aunty Sarah was getting used to going one sided, I got a briefing from Mum on being a movie director. She got out her phone which also is a movie camera, clever hey. My job was to walk smoothly,no shaking of the head and no trotting so it gave Mum the best chance of making a movie of Aunty Sarah and Cyril.

This is me practicing my positioning.

 We then went for some stills and close up's, so you could see Aunty Sarah's face of concentration.

Then it was roll cameras and action. My final work can be seen in YouTube 

I think I could have a career as a movie pony director, I wonder whether they have any jobs at Disney, perhaps I could do a Black Beauty remake? I might even be able to get Cyril and Woody some walk on roles?  Though they will have to start being a lot nicer to me than they are at the moment or I'll cast my other hacking pony friends instead. I'm off to look at the job vacancies, oh but first I need to say "cut, that's a wrap folks". Bye for now.

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  1. You are so clever Mel. A real ambassador for Dales everywhere. I'll volunteer for a part when your're a famous Hollywood director. I have lots of films showing how brave I am and what a wimp human is. The camera sees all, the good the bad and the wimpy.