Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My first ever competition

Well after a couple of training sessions in the back garden, all the hard work paid off and I was allowed to go to my first ever competition. I've only been backed five weeks and I had never been out to play with a lot of other ponies before.

Cyril briefed me before I went and said that if I behaved and listened to Mum then I would be allowed on a lot more adventures.  As he goes on adventures all the time I decided to take his advice. I was loaded up into the box on wheels and spent an hour watching the lorries on the motorway out the back. We eventually arrived at Tumpney Green and Mum unloaded me. Human Grandpa had come to video and my brother Brian's Mum came to say hello too. Shame he wasn't there to say hello to, but the humans said he could come play with me at our house soon, which will be great fun.

Anyway onto the serious business, Mum got on and walked me to the competition area.  We went in the warm up ring and we had a little walk and trot. Mum tested the canter but I'm still not very good at that so she decided to not worry me and we would only walk or trot. I had a practice over the jump which I still find easiest just to walk over. Mum had a last minute panic as they had changed the gate (which we had practiced) to neck reining (which we had not). So Mum quickly taught me how to do that in the warm up ring, it was easy, I just had to listen to Mum and follow her weight and where she was looking - thank goodness I'm a quick learner!

Before we knew it, it was time to go in. Mum didn't want to get me flustered at the start so we only trotted the slow canter, so we didn't get any points but I stayed nice and relaxed  and concentrated on listening to Mum. We the had to walk back fast, I had a little spook at the poster I hadn't seen when I trotted past and a couple of little joys, but Mum says I have great potential and walk much faster than Cyril.

Then it was onto the fun bit the obstacles. I like this. Because I was nice and relaxed Mum let me trot the corridor so we got the maximum 7 points - I have to canter to get 10.

Then the tricky S Bend, Mum was so thrilled I didn't touch any of the poles, she just needs to trust me know so we can do it more smoothly to get 10 out of 10.

Then onto the jump which we just walked but I got my legs in a muddle and knocked it down but Mum was still pleased because I didn't refuse it and kept going. She thinks the judge was a bit harsh to say I stopped. Then we had to do bending. This is something we had practiced a lot at home and I managed it in trot to get another maximum 7 points. I have no idea how Cyril manages it in canter.

Then the bridge, which we couldn't practice at home very well as the second day it was too icy to play on. I had one little hesitation but then remembered what Cyril said about being good and listening to Mum, so I trusted her and walked straight over, she was thrilled - humans can be silly can't they.

Then the neck reining, we aced that too, though the judge was a bit harsh again saying I refused and was hesitant, lady I have only just learnt this like a minute ago.  Mum said I was brilliant so that's all that counts.

Next immobility which Mum thought I might struggle with because like my brothers I'm not very good at standing still and we so much going on Mum thought I would become distracted. Mum I'm an amazing Dales pony, I'll stand when it matters. So I stood stock still for 10 whole seconds with Mum not holding the reins, we totally aced that and got a maximum 10 points.

Then Mum had to get off and lead me back through the S Bend, I only tapped one pole and then back through the corridor, notice how nice and relaxed I am.

The final task was for Mum to get back on. We are still practicing mounting blocks and I normally walk around a couple of times before I find the perfect position to stand in.  So Mum was super impressed when I just walked up to the mourning block and stood there while she got on. Unfortunately I didn't realise I needed to stand stock still until both feet were in the stirrups, but Mum didn't seem to mind she said I did way better than what she expected.

I like this Trec stuff I hope I can go out on an adventure again soon.  I have put my movie making making skills to the test so if you go to YouTube you can see my whole movie there. Must tell Cyril I can see in the dark, I have had so many carrots. Let's play again soon Mum.

My movie can be found at https://youtu.be/OB9hJSJm-do or you can watch below.

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