Friday, 20 January 2017

To ride or to lead

Cyril thinks himself so clever, my big brother. But I had a great trick up my sleeve. I was still a bit tired from the excitement of my first ever Trec competition and I had overheard Mum talking about taking me for a ride/lead. I know from what Benji's dog has told me that Cyril has to be ridden and Benji's is led. I was a bit worried though that Mum might think after my Stella performance I should be ridden and Cyril led. So I decided I had better take out some insurance to make sure I got the easy option. 

Mud, it's great isn't it. I knew Mum would be short for time if she was threatening Cyril and I with a ride/lead outing, so I made sure I secured the easy option! No flies on me. Cyril said it was not fair as I cheated as he has to wear a rug all the time because Mum took all his hair away.  I thought it was a cunning plan. 

That was yesterday. I wasn't laughing today though. Last night Mum gave me a big brush, which I really enjoyed. The boys get very jealous when Mum spends time with me. To be fair we all compete for her attention but I was lucky enough to get it last night. 

This morning though I got turned out in a RUG! Oh no.  Needless to say I wasn't surprised when Mum came down to the field to collect me for a ride. She had already ridden Cyril sideways. It was a beautiful day so I didn't mind too much. 

So what was today's plan. It turned out it was cantering. While it is really hard work it's also really good fun. I have never been on the farm fields, so it was quite exciting to go on my own with Mum to all this grassy wide open space. I jogged with excitement for a bit but soon decided I had better save my energy, which turned out to be a very good plan. 

I have only tried cantering with a human in a school. It's so much easier out in the open. I very quickly understood what Mum wanted so everytime we got to the corner of the field we trotted and then Mum asked for canter.  I found out I could do this a lot easier than in the school and by the end we were having a good old run and I was even jumping over the water ditches.  I was cantering as soon as Mum asked, none of this silly running trot I did in the school the first time. 

While it was really good fun it was really hard work so I came back quite hot and sweaty. I needed a good roll. You just can't itch and roll the same in a rug as you can without.  Mum is such a spoil sport, as I got turned back out in a rug. She must have read my mind as soon as she let me go, I collapsed in the mud and rolled. My rug is nice and dirty, but I'm clean, so I guess we are going out again tomorrow. Hope we can do some more cantering. 

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