Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Resolution

Our New Years resolution is to start blogging again as we have so much news we haven't told you all about. To start with we is no longer just Cyril & I (Woody) we have a new field companion in the form of my big sister Melrose, another Dales obviously - she's just turned four years old and has come to live with us so she can learn to carry humans like Cyril does.

As you can see she's a bit nosey. That's another thing we have moved.  Mum thinks it's great as we now live literally across the road from her house, the only good thing as far as I can tell is we don't have to trek up and down the road anymore.

We now live at Paradise Farm, yes that's what it's called, though I think someone is having a joke 
with us.

Now I don't know about you ponies but to me Paradise should look like this.....

Except our field actually looks like this. In fact it's an insult to even call it a field, it's more like a muddy pond! Paradise, REALLY? If this is Paradise, I'm going to be really naughty and go to hell because I've been told at least it's hot down there. 

At least Mum has finally decided to bring us in at night and to be fair to her we do have a nice large area of hard standing with a big shelter where we can stay dry and eat hay during the day, so we don't actually have to go into the mud, and to be honest being sensible Dales, we generally don't. Time for sleeps now, will discuss with Cyril and Mel what we should tell you about next. I want to tell you about all my trophies, Cyril will want to tell you about all his and Mel is full of her adventures learning to carry humans so we have lots to tell.  

Happy new year to all our fellow Dales, keep safe, be well and play hard. 

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