Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Just the most stressful day EVER

OMG I have moved from idyllic Wales to a military run boot camp where there is just no compassion at all. I'm used to being surrounded by pony friends all the time. In Wales I could always see someone if I looked out my stable, but here if the boys are busy munching their hay I can't see anyone at all. Here there is no sympathy you have to grow up quick. Take today Mum decided Woody and I should stay in our stables this morning while she took Cyril and Benji for a quick jaunt up the lane. Well that's all well and good but what about me? I didn't want to be left behind, so I did the only thing I know and threw a tantrum.

I'm really quite good at tantrums, I can rear, kick the stable with either my front feet or I'm working on perfecting the double barrel kick as well, it's coming along quite nicely but does need some more practice. Heaven help me though, I think my new Mum is deaf. She ignored me totally she was so focused on tacking Cyril up. I even resorted to throwing a hoof over the stable door, I nearly got it stuck which scared me quite a bit and still no reaction from my human. I gave up, I mean I could have hurt myself and she just didn't seem to care at all. Off she went on Cyril with Benji dog next to her leaving me and Woody with our breakfast hay. Oh well she wasn't going to hear me now so I settled down to eat the hay.

As if that wasn't stressful enough being left in charge of Woody, when she came back she untacked Cyril and then promptly waltzed off with the boys to the field, leaving me ALONE in my stable.  I REALLY don't think I can cope with much more stress, it's exhausting. She did come back quite quickly and gave me lots of hugs and pats because I hadn't made any noise and the stable was still in one piece - that's ok Mum don't worry about me, my stress levels are through the roof. Still I got pampered and then she took me out for a hack.

I met yet another pony, this time my hacking companion was called Dragon. Wow he does attract a lot of traffic, we met lorries (stressfully scary - I needed to do some reversing jigging around them to start with,  but I was just doing small jumps by the end of the ride), we did real Trec training, including opening gates and walking over wooden bridges. I even led the way home back over the bridges and did my first gate, before we met even more lorries. We had a trot around the field which did get me a bit excited and I accidently went to kick Dragon, wow Mum did not like that I got told off and slapped on the bottom. It's so hard to know what is acceptable and what is not.

For any other human that would be more than enough stress to put any pony under in one day, but no Mum had one more challenge for me. As I had done so well being alone in my stable this morning she thought she'd push her luck and take the boys home to bed this evening first and leave me in the field ON MY OWN. OK I said to myself I can do this.  Everything to date says Mum will come get me in a moment, she won't leave me out here on my own all night - will she? I could charge through the fencing and catch them up, but the last time I did that she wasn't very pleased with me.  Mum, Cyril, Woody, anybody, I am still out here. I decided to neigh in a non panic sounding style, but it did come out a bit squeaky. I'll stay calm, I'm sure she will be back in a minute, yes I can hear the gate, yes I can see a Benji, phew she has come to collect me. I've never been so pleased to see the boys and my stable.

All I can is wow I have never had such a stressful day, this being alone stuff is quite difficult, especially when your human doesn't seem to hear or take any notice of your tantrums. Hmmm I'm either going to have to work on some new tantrum techniques or give up. After today I'm so exhausted I might just have to give in.  Sleep well pony friends, I'm shattered.


  1. Blimey you poor wee girl. What do Woody and Cyril say about the deaf human? I have a tip, pretend to be fine and calm with everything, then throw in a big spook (when it's safe to do so obviously). Remember you are training your human as much as she likes to think she is training you.

  2. Thank you Zoe, I'll remember this and give it a go when Mum is least suspecting it, I'll let you know how I get on.